Free Download Film PERAHU KERTAS 2. We meet Kugy and Keenan, best friends from their university years in Bandung. They are fond of each other but hide their feelings. They have their own dreams to pursue: Kugy wants to be a writer, Keenan a painter. The two artistic souls are quietly drawn to one another, but their friends Noni (Sylvia Fully) and her boyfriend, Eko (Fauzan Smith), are completely oblivious to their mutual attraction, mainly because Kugy already has a boyfriend, Ojos (Dion Wiyoko), back in Jakarta. When Noni sets Keenan up with Wanda (Kimberly Ryder), a stunning, English-speaking girl from a rich family, Kugy begins to withdraw from the group. Wanda is an occasional curator for her parents’ art gallery, and she tries to promote Keenan’s work out of genuine attraction to the young artist. To clear her mind, Kugy involves herself in a time-consuming project that keeps her away not only from her close friends but from Ojos as well. Meanwhile, Keenan faces his own problems at home. His parents are not fond of his painting, yet Keenan feels it is the path he must choose. He travels to Ubud in Bali to study painting with his mother’s acquaintance, Pak Wayan (Tio Pakusadewo). Things are falling apart for Kugy, Keenan, Noni and Eko, and it will be some time before they meet one another again. Even though there have been countless movies in this genre, “Perahu Kertas” is an unusual romantic teen flick offering one conflict after another.

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